Providing commercial cleaning services involves more than just whizzing around with dusters and mops! Your business cleaning requirements aren’t the same as those of your next-door neighbour. The only common factor with cleaning service contracts is that saving you time and money matters – and that clean, premises support business efficiency and Health & Safety compliance.


Clean workplaces are healthy, safe and efficient

Clean workplaces are healthy workplaces, and healthy businesses can expect to lose less time to illness or accident – whether through cross-contamination from dirty kitchens or slips on poorly cleaned floors. What’s more, smart, tidy premises project the right image to your staff and customers.

Cleaning services for your special business

So, you know that thorough cleaning makes perfect business sense. But where do you find the reliable specialist cleaning company that really understands your special cleaning requirements? A cleaning company that can be trusted in your offices or shop and will give excellent value? 

Specialists in commercial cleaning

Since 2008, we’ve specialised in commercial cleaning, offering a wide range of professional cleaning services including the following:

As our existing clients know, we go further than many other cleaning companies with our unique approach to tailored professional cleaning services:

  • Client-specific on-site training.
  • Colour-coded cleaning lowers cross-contamination risks.
  • Our fast, efficient cleaning service saves you time and money.
  • Easily accessible directors – for excellent communication.
  • Service continuity through low staff turnover.
  • Cleaning services backed by NVQ qualifications.
  • Bespoke cleaning contracts meet your exact needs.

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Not all cleaning companies are the same!

Have you been disappointed with other cleaning companies? Are you seeking best-value cleaning for the first time? Either way, if your office, shop or factory is in or near the Cotswolds, we’ll design the perfect cleaning service for you – for a very competitive fee. 

Which of our cleaning services is right for you? For your FREE, no-obligation quotation, please contact us now.