Using the right cleaning supplies makes all the difference to the speed, quality and cost of your cleaning. That’s why we always include all the required equipment and consumables in your contract. 

Passing low prices on to you

As experienced specialists, we know what works best with our standards-compliant cleaning methods. We also get low prices on commercial cleaning supplies through our established suppliers – and pass them on to you.

Taking the hassle out of providing cleaning supplies

Providing cleaning materials, monitoring their use and arranging for replacements doesn’t stop with our contract customers. Whether we clean for you or not, we can supply, monitor stocks and ensure that you never run out of supplies such as these: 

  • Cleaners, cloths and other cleaning supplies
  • Kitchen consumables
  • Washroom consumables
  • Cleaning tools and equipment
  • Wall dispensers, sanitary bins and storage
  • Rubbish sacks

The benefits

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy when we source your office cleaning supplies:

• Save money on cleaning supplies with our buying power.
• Save time (because we do the running around).
• Benefit from our knowledge and experience.
• Enjoy one convenient invoice for cleaning and supplies.

Saving you time and money

Whether you call them office supplies, janitorial cleaning supplies or commercial cleaning materials, the key to our involvement is time and money saving for you.

Why pay retail price for cleaning supplies and consumables when we can save you time and money?

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