Mention janitorial cleaning services and it’s easy to recall the friendly employees who provided regular cleaning services when we were at school.

Nowadays, a janitorial cleaning company often provides a range of cleaning services that are essential for businesses as diverse as high-tech companies, retail stores and factories. From looking after washrooms to regular whole-facility cleaning, janitorial teams range from one to dozens of people – and they’re increasingly provided by experienced third-party specialists like us.

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We can provide your janitorial cleaning services

As experienced cleaning specialists, we’re ideally placed to complement your existing janitorial team – or provide cost-effective outsourcing on a basis that is most convenient for you and your employees.

A range of services

Our range of janitorial cleaning services includes the following:

  • Regular whole-building cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Tea-towel services for small canteens and kitchens
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Full-time janitorial support
  • Part-time janitorial support
  • Supply of janitorial supplies

Our usual standards of professionalism

Whenever we provide janitorial cleaning services, you’ll enjoy the professionalism and attention to detail that defines all our cleaning services:

  • Careful understanding of your cleaning requirements.
  • Contract-specific on-the-job training.
  • Rigorous interviewing and strict security checks.
  • Regular site visits and accessible directors for excellent communication with us.
  • Colour-coded cleaning avoids cross-contamination.
  • Compliance with recognised cleaning standards.

The right janitorial cleaning service for you

Are you disappointed with your existing janitorial cleaning company? Or perhaps you need to outsource this vital function – or train a new team of janitorial office cleaning staff? 

Whatever your reason for seeking a janitorial cleaning service, if you’re near the Cotswolds, we’ll tailor the perfect janitorial cleaning service for you.

To learn more about our services, please contact us now.